The Academic criteria for admission are:

  • Entrance form must be purchased, completed and submitted before the entrance examination.

  • Pupils seeking admission from Kindergarten to year 12 must take an entrance exam.

  • Preschoolers are not given written examination. Written examinations start from the Kindergarten classes.

  • Children are tested in Literacy and Numeracy.

The following documents must be submitted along with the registration form:

  • A current passport photograph

  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate

  • The previous term’s report card

  • The benchmark to qualify for consideration for admission is at the discretion of the school.

  • Admission into Hodaviah College is automatic for pupils in Hodaviah Academy section, provided they pass the entrance examination.

  • Successful candidates and their parents are sometimes required to be interviewed by the Head of School or some senior staff of the school.

  • Parents of students will be notified after the entrance examinations, if interviews are required.

  • After the entrance examination, admitted candidates would be given an offer letter, the school and uniform bills and the medical form.

  • School fees must be fully paid before resumption of the student.

  • School uniforms are available for sale at the school’s office.

  • The medical forms are to be completed and submitted on or before resumption.


It is important for the school to be able to contact parents at any time, especially in case of emergencies. The school must have parents’ address (office and home), Phone numbers (home, mobile and business), and e-mail.

The school should also be provided with the contact of a guardian in case of emergency.

This information is required at the time of registration and whenever changes occur in the contact information of parents or the emergency contact.

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