Dear Parents,


Thank you for considering Hodaviah Schools as the right choice for your child. The name “Hodaviah” means “the praise of the Lord” and it is our strong priority that your child’s years in this school will be very rewarding as well as exciting, as we look forward to developing positive collaborations between the school and the home.


We understand the importance of the whole school community: management, staff, students, and parents working together as a team in providing the best possible standard of education that is prevailing and relevant for your child per time. We crave for continuous support and encouragement from our parents in our quest for qualitative and quantitative transformation in our society as the years pass by.


But, how can a nation be transformed, if her citizens are not given access to qualitative and quantitative education that will nurture their spirit, soul and body? Yes, education that addresses the three dimensions of human is the key to outstanding transformation, growth and development.


Hodaviah Schools came into existence for these reasons poised to make positive impact and change the course of our world for the better. This is in obedience to the calling of raising godly children that are academically outstanding and fun to be with. We are committed to building leaders with integrity that will ensure a better future for our world.


As a Christian School, we believe that the WORD of GOD has the capacity to change anyone and anything for the better and that the WORD creates and preserves, it is forever dependable, and so we build and train our students by the TRUTH of God’s Word by the help of the Holy Spirit.


In accordance with our motto “We Are The Future”, we are charged with the responsibility of   creating a better future by laying solid foundation through the instrumentality of encompassing curriculum, projects, workshops, leadership seminars and co-curricular activities that prepare our students for life and future. We are eternally committed to Raising Godly Students who are Academically Outstanding and Fun to be with that will impact their world positively.


We pride ourselves on upholding the core values of: Holiness, Optimism, Diligence, Academic Excellence, Vision, Integrity, Appreciation, and Happiness as embedded in the acronym – HODAVIAH.


We hope that the information on this website and our different social media platforms will not only be useful but also re-assure you that we really care as your children take their first step into this school. During the school year you will receive regular newsletters from us, as well as invitations to parent-teacher forums.


You are welcome to Hodaviah Schools – a school with unending innovation, creativity and fun.


Adeshola J.A.

Lead Consultant

Hodaviah Schools



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